Time to Spring Clean the Freezer Challenge

Eating local during the months before the garden really gets going is the toughest. My body is craving fruit and LOTS of veggies but they all come from far, far away… except for what’s in the freezer and the pantry. Can’t get much more local than that! Not only does it feel terrific to be spending less on groceries, but the space in the freezer is making room for what’s to come this summer. Goodness all the way around.

This week’s column in the Portland Press Herald is a menu based entirely on ingredients I found in my freezer:

Beef Stroganoff
Raspberry Cinnamon Gallette

I even found a frozen pie crust hanging in the way back of a shelf!

So here’s a challenge to you… What can you make with what you find in your freezer? If you are stumped – write and I’ll help you. Maybe I’ll even have a recipe on hand to match what you’ve got.

I wonder what else I will unearth in that freezer before the month is out?

P.S.  Be sure to click on the link soon, it expires in 7 days!

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