Food Inc. – My Two Cents

Finally, after many recommendations and a number of we almost got there’s, Jon and I watched Food Inc.  I was told by friends that even though I knew most of what was already in the movie, I should watch it anyway.

They were right.  Seeing all of the information about how our food is collectively raised pulled my decision making from the intellectual to the emotional – where commited food buying choices are cemented.

My favorite part of the entire movie, however, was at the very end when they interviewed Gary Hirshberg, the CEO of Stonyfield Farm.  He has such a practically toward capitalism and how the collective consumer drives a market.    It’s his assertion that the consumer is more powerful than any corporation.  He has no illusion about organics entering the mainstream, knowing full well that Walmart’s decision to carry Stoneyfield Farm Organic Yogurt and eshew milk that carries rBST is market driven, not values driven.  Nothing wrong with that.  If the largest retailer in the world is making those changes on such a large scale, for whatever reason, it’s better than not.

Gary Hirshberg also said something that I’ve said for years.  As consumers, we VOTE with every dollar we spend.  If we choose to spend our money at the farmers market, we vote for local farms, probably less pesticide use, probably more sustainable agriculture and more than likely an activity which is better for our planet.  We are also voting for our personal health.

Grateful to live in Maine where local is easy to find

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