Happy Halfway Day!

Isn’t it awesome when you figure out what makes you more efficient, life run smarter, processes cleaner, efforts smoother?  We just had one of those moments here in the office and as of today, Maine Sails Blog will be folded into the At Home, At Sea blog.  Only one blog instead of two.  One blog that integrates the ‘at home’ part with the ‘at sea’ part.  Of course that’s always happened here anyway, I’ll just end up sharing a little more about life as an owner of a Maine Windjammer.

Out on a beautiful Penobscot Bay day... Coming soon!
Out on a beautiful Penobscot Bay day… Coming soon!

With that, a letter from a dear friend and guest, Pinky R., came by email to remind me and now you that we are officially at the halfway mark between the end of last sailing season and the beginning of this one.  And so begins what always feels like a fast and slippery down hill sled ride to the opening day of our season.

I should also remind everyone that there are only three more days before the early booking discount ends.  February 1st is the last day!

Thanks, Pinky!

Greetings Fellow Sailors,

Periodically throughout the off-season, I find myself counting the months, then weeks, until we sail again. The sailing season always seems too short to me, even though each individual day is blissfully slow. That’s Maine for you! As one of my favorite t-shirts says, “If you can’t take winter, you don’t deserve summer.”

As we came ashore on the final day of the final cruise, counting ahead to when we will once again be out on Penobscot Bay, I was somewhat sad. Eight months!

Then there has been this particular winter. There has been more sickness in our house in the last month than in the last 5 years! In terms of activity, shoveling snow has its place, but hauling lines holds more appeal right now. And then the Patriots. . .

So, I started counting the days until sailing season, and there is good news. (Well, for those of us who are not busily working and wondering if she’ll be ready to go in time, it’s good news.) Tuesday, January 29, is the half-way point between the last day of sailing of 2012 and the first day of sailing of 2013. Yeah! Now it will be less time ahead than behind. When you’re looking forward to something, like a kid waiting for their birthday, that’s an important distinction.

So, Happy Halfway Day! Looking forward to seeing you out on the water soon!

Happy to have a Halfway Day to celebrate and one fewer thing to do.