A Guest and Songwriter on the Today Show!

It’s a beautiful summer day and we are sailing along with a perfect 15 knot breeze.  Lunch has been served and everyone has settled down for their afternoon chill session – snoozing, reading, etc.  Capt. is at the wheel and there is a guest sitting behind him on the cap rail who is noodling on his guitar.  Pretty soon the noodling turns into a song about the Riggin and pretty soon Capt. begins to feel as if he is starring in his own movie.

Jon Michaels wrote that song about the Riggin, called J & E Riggin of all things.  Susan Hickey Csikos, a deckhand and resident song bird at the time, sings that song on her album Water Meets Sand.

[gigya src=”http://boos.audioboo.fm/swf/fullsize_player.swf” flashvars=”mp3=http%3A%2F%2Faudioboo.fm%2Fboos%2F1208057-j-e-riggin.mp3%3Fsource%3Dwordpress&mp3Author=MaineWindjammer&mp3LinkURL=http%3A%2F%2Faudioboo.fm%2Fboos%2F1208057-j-e-riggin&mp3Time=06.56pm+12+Feb+2013&mp3Title=J%26E+Riggin” width=”360″ height=”160″ allowFullScreen=”true” wmode=”transparent”]

Now Jon Michaels is at it again and singing on the Today Show with a NBC jingle.  Go check it out.  Way to go, Jon!

Jon Michaels on Today Show
Jon Michaels on Today Show


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