I Am Now My Parents

Yesterday Jon, Ella and I are sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast and she’s reading the back of the cereal box like everyone does.  It’s a 20 question movie trivia quiz and they begin circa 1930’s and move to present day.   She’s calling out the movies and Jon and I are trying to remember the stars of each movie.  She’s mispronouncing everything.  We are correcting the pronunciation.

Ella – calls out, ‘Lawrence Oliver‘ with a hard ‘r’

Us – in unison, ‘Olivier’ with the soft, French ‘r’

We are sharing little tidbits about the movie or where we were when we saw the movie.  She has no clue who these people are.  We are in our element, because for once, we can answer pop culture questions instead of trying to figure out who is Nicki Minaj vs. Katy Perry (and ps, I had to look up how to spell their names).   She’s looking at us with a furrowed brow.

This feeling began to dawn several years ago when we were all gathered back at the wheel of the Riggin talking music…  Jon loves the Beatles, grew up on their music and is sharing some trivia and history about the band with the crew.  That’s when it happened.  One of our young, teenage apprentices says, “Who are the Beatles?”  Shock ensues on our faces.  With that we became older, uncool, miles apart generationally.  We became our parents.

In any event, it was the funnest back of the cereal box we’ve had in a long time and thought you might like to play too.  Don’t worry, the old feeling passes and you just get back to having fun!  Questions.  Answers.

Elizabeth says click on the above links – like we all we all are supposed to know that or something. Oh, and she says I should ask you to share how many you get right when you take the quiz.

Not caring what age I am