Peach Vanilla Jam – Last Days of Summer in a Jar

While we can’t hold back the tide or the change of seasons, we can bottle it for a moment and pull it off the shelf to spread on our scones in the middle of winter.  This column has one of my favorite jam recipes and thanks to a dear friend in Boothbay who has a huge peach tree, we have a plethora of jars on our shelves.  And the recipe for Peach Vanilla Jam is in yesterday’s column in the Portland Press Herald.

Summer in a jar.
Summer in a jar.
Thank you John and Becky! (and Tom for the delivery!)

Stocking up!

4 thoughts on “Peach Vanilla Jam – Last Days of Summer in a Jar

  1. Annie,
    You forgot to add when to add the vanilla extract. Since only noticed then when almost done, I only added 1 T. and at the end of the one minute boil.

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