Sticky Buns – Riggin style

This recipe for sticky buns, featured in this today’s Maine Ingredient column, is one that I serve on our Maine windjammer, the J. & E. Riggin.  It used to be that I’d make scones, or some sort of sweet bread for the last day of the trip along side that first cup of coffee.  And then I started serving sticky buns and the variety of menu options closed to one.  Sticky buns.  Now, if I even think about switching things up, not only do I get the evil eye, but I get flat-out rebellion.  It’s a good thing to have around your food.

Riggin Sticky Buns




3 thoughts on “Sticky Buns – Riggin style

  1. I remember the joy of waking up on the Riggin and smelling the coffee and sticky buns! Oh so wonderful!

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