Thank you for the small changes I see everyday

Thank you.  Thank you for the sun, the warm weather, the seeds that are sprouting and the really simple plastic covers that are making it all possible.  Thank you for it all.  It’s such a blessing to walk in the garden everyday and delight in new growth and green.

The plastic is a new idea this year and it’s working.  When it’s rainy, it protects the seeds from hard rains which wash away the little gems.  When it’s sunny, the plastic serves to retain moisture and buffer the wind on our windy property.

Simple, easy, perfect.  Thank you.

Radishes, spinach and lettuce coming up under the mini-greenhouse.
Tiny, tender pea shoots. Salad here we come!
Moved the greenhouse which still needs to be covered. All of the beds in the background are seeded and sprouting!
Making good use of the chipper/shredder. Love that thing.