Homemade Salt Scrub – A Handmade Christmas Gift

In the winter time when the temperature drops, the air inside the house gets dry and my hair begins to stand up on it’s own from the static electricity, my skin also gets dry.  After trying lotions and potions, some expensive, some not, my mom gave me a salt and oil scrub as a gift one year.  I was hooked.  Yet a jar of sea salt scrub costs over $10 per jar and lasts a month or less.  Being a homemade sort of girl, I wondered if I could make it at home and have it be just as wonderful.  And I can.

Salt Scrub

Homemade Salt Scrub
1 wide mouth jar that you can reach your fingers into to scoop
sea salt, medium grind not fine
canola oil, jojoba oil or almond oil
essential oils

My favorite scent combinations are:
Lemon and Lavender
Rosemary and Orange
Fir Needle and Lemon
Rosemary and Lavender

Pour sea salt into the jar until it is 1/2-inch from the top of the jar.  Add the oil in batches until it has completely soaked in and then add 10 drops each of the scents of your preference.  Cover with a secure lid.  This will last as long as the oil does, so more perishable oils like almond oil will maybe last a month or two where as canola oil will last much longer.  However, if you like using this scrub as much as I do, it won’t even last a month before you are making more.

With happy skin

Gifts from the Kitchen – Yummy Cookies or Granola

It’s only taken thirteen years, but I feel as if our household has finally gotten the hang of a simple Christmas, planning ahead, not taking on too much and really enjoying the days of baking and making gifts.  The girls helped me make a slew of cookie dough which we then wrapped in plastic wrap and then parchment paper, added a label and called them gifts.  The idea being that these sweet logs of butter and flour are frozen until such time that the recipients deem they need a sugar fix.  One, two or lots more slices later and freshly baked cookies emerge from their ovens – after the holidays when the baking blitz has died off.  Your favorite cookie recipes will most likely be forgiving enough to work well, as will one’s that I’ve posted before:  Annie’s Butter Cookies, Grandma’s Ginger Cookies, Chocolate Candy Cane Cookies, and the Cinnamon Pecan Oatmeal Cookies that are part of this week’s column along with Raisin, Molasses Granola and Cranberry Ginger Granola.

Happy baking!