Maine Food Cruises – Soups, Stews, and Sauces

At first glance, soups and stews might not seem all that glamorous in terms of a topic for a gourmet cooking cruise, however, how to begin and season a soup or stew is the very basis for not only many a diners’ dinner, but also the sauces that can elegantly top a seared tenderloin or grilled salmon.

Lobster and Corn Chowda - Maine-style, Deaha.
Lobster and Corn Chowda – Maine-style, Deaha.

From stock to pistou, we’ll talk about how to make super tasty and healthy soups, stews, and sauces and then sample them for lunch or for dinner.  Perhaps it will be a Coconut Curried Lentil and Potato Soup with Nan or a Pork Loin Roast with a Rhubarb and Red Wine Reduction Sauce.  Who knows, because the menu is different every week on the Riggin, so your guess is as good as mine.


Soup, Stew, and Sauce Tip:  The time a cook takes to saute the vegetables at the beginning of a soup, sauce, or stew can not be underestimated.  When the vegetables caramelize a bit and begin to develop a little brown on the bottom of the pan, flavor is building.  To rush this process is to forgo the depth of flavor that is possible forever.

Come share some super good food with us!  July 6 to 9 is our next Maine Food Cruise, but there are more on the schedule.  Check it out!

Seedlings – A good start

Ellaseedlings There’s still snow on the ground and when I wake up in the morning the sky is still inky black, the floor is cold enough to require at least one pair of socks and I’m still wearing three layers when I sit at my desk to write.  But… it’s officially spring.  Which mostly makes me grumpy because I’m expecting one thing, (not much, just a little warmth or sun), and I’m getting another – cold fingers, toes and ears – inside the house. 

Then one weekend day, after coffee, cosy time with a good book and snuggling with my husband and girlies on the couch, I find myself a little antsy.  And before I know it, the colorful, crumpled seed packets are out; the flimsy, black seed trays are filled with moist, potting soil and the house smells like dirt.  It happens every year and every year I’m startled.  It’s almost as if there is an internal switch that gets flicked and all of a sudden I’m in gardening mode.  Whatever it is, I’m grateful.  I get far more from touching dirt and green things than I could ever give back to them.

My thumbs are green again

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