Dirty House

Seedlings The house smells like dirt and I’m happy.  The seedlings are doing well and so far I haven’t forgotten to water once.  Well, except for the little plugs of single-flowered Lemon Gem marigold that I left in the tray because they weren’t big enough to transplant into larger trays with all the rest of the babies.  I want these for my salads this summer, so I need to start some more.  The herbs and lettuce varieties are showing their individuality.  The kale leaves have begun to ruffle on the edges and have that beautiful purple tinge, the red and green romaine lettuce leafs are becoming elongated and the cilantro leaves showing their bright green delicate selves.  The five different kinds of basil are beginning to distinguish themselves too, with the Lemon Basil growing it’s diminutive leaves next to the Thai basil with it’s purple hued stems and green leaves where the Purple Ruffle basil is of course, painted completely in it’s indigo palate.

Last week I started some of the fussier quick growing seeds.  These are the ones that don’t like to be transplanted such as cucumber, squash and melon.  I’m planning on trying a different sort of cold frame this year and having all of these beauties out under it’s protection by mid-May.  That’s definitely too soon to transplant to the garden, but not to soon to have them outside and getting accustomed to their new home.

I’ve got dirt under my fingernails.  Life is good.

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