Cutting Peppers – Filleting and Julienne

While you can even pulse coarsely chopped peppers in the food processor for the Salmon with Tri-Pepper Salsa, to julienne them is to create something really elegant looking.  The best way to do that is to “fillet” the peppers.


With a straight cut, slice the top and bottoms off the peppers.  Make one vertical slice through the flesh and lay it flat on the cutting board as if it were a a book.  With the blade of your knife, slice the white pith and seeds away from the flesh.  In the end, you want one very long rectangle that is free of the pith and seeds.    Press the long rectangle to the cutting board and slice as thinly as you can the bright colors into skinny, skinny sticks.

Making rainbows on my cutting board

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Hello Lovers of Comfort Food

One day about a two years ago, Elizabeth, who’s pictures will grace these pages and who is my right-hand super woman, said I should do a blog.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  I had heard the term and it sounded like an online diary that I didn’t want anyone to read.  I resisted. 

After a year of suggesting, cajoling and badgering, I began the Maine Adventure Sails Blog about our adventures on our collective Maine Windjammers, the Schooners J. & E. Riggin and the Timberwind.  It was fun.

Two years later, I now begin this blog which is mostly about a passion for comfort food – the kind of dishes that get all us eating with each other around the table, that nourish our souls as well as our bellies, that give us a sense of connection to our food and where it comes from.  Food connects us on large and small scales.  Everyone needs to eat.  We could choose to simply view meals as fuel to keep our bodies going.  But what makes food wonderful is the joy that comes from the growing, producing, creating, sharing and savoring. 

This is why I love food.  It brings us joy.