Happy Chinese New Year – The Year of the Ram and, well, Fiber

We are feeling sheepish – but not in the bashful sense, rather in the fiber way.  In celebration of the wonderful sheep that give us fiber for all of our knitting projects, the Schooner J. & E. Riggin launches a year-long giveaway of gorgeous yarn.  It’s the year of the ram (or the goat or the sheep depending on who you are talking to) and in honor of the Chinese zodiac (yang) and it’s Lunar New Year, 52 Skeins and our Maine Knitting Cruises will be giving away one skein of yarn from small, hand-crafted vendors.  Some are our favorites and some are new to us, but no less lovely.


Each week, the yarn will be featured on our Maine Knitting Cruise page, on Facebook, and all the other social media places you might expect (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest).  To enter to win head on over to the Maine Knitting Cruises Facebook page and do the following – a) leave a comment, b) tag a friend (for an extra entry) and/or c) share the post (for an extra entry). Enter each week.  At the end of the year, we will draw one name from all 52 weekly winners. This lucky person will win a 52 skein stash of yarn (valued at over $1,300).

As it turns out, the hardest part of this giveaway might be on our wallets here at home.  All of this yarn is so gorgeous, that we will not be able to resist making purchases of our own.

Good luck to you all.  And may the best sharer win!

We believe in ewe.

We kick off Week 1 of 52 Skeins with locally (to MidCoast Maine) spun and dyed ontheround yarn! To know more about ontheround and where to find her fabulous yarn and details on the whole 52 Skeins giveaway visit the Maine Knitting Cruises page on our website.


Maine Knitting Cruises


All of our trips are excellent and my favorite is always the one we are currently on.  However, our most recent knitting cruise was memorable for a number of reasons:

– The youngest knitter so far – 12 years old

– The most number of men knitting (including one who was 16 years old).  Does 16 count as ‘man’?  Not really probably, but any way he was at the knitting just like everyone else.

– The most new knitters (some came on board not planning on knitting and some were beginners who booked with the express purpose of beginning a new hobby)

– Somewhere it must be said we had the most number of “tinked” projects (things that had to be ripped out and started again), but hey, lots of beginners ups that ante and there was no shortage of laughter and camaraderie in the process.

– Maine’s fastest knitter was with us and knitting her heart out.

Thank you, as always, to the fabulous Bill Huntington for his knowledge, humor and gift of the craft of life through knitting.  We are looking forward to seeing you again in July.


Our next knitting cruise still has space!   Mim Bird, knitting Queen, will be on board to for the newest to the most experienced of knitters.  If you aren’t a knitter, come join us for a short sail anyway, knitters are a fun bunch to share time with.


Can You Guess Now?

Mim is busy knitting away.  If you haven’t yet already guessed, she’s designing a sweater for Jon.  Why is it so huge, you say?  Did Mim have a ‘minor’ measuring catastrophe?  Well, no.  Mim is a knitter extraordinaire.  It’s actually going to be felted, which will make a super warm fabric for those breezy, on the wind days on the Riggin.  Mim’s done a couple of interesting posts on the process already….


This one’s about gauge related to boiled wool and how different yarn and different tension matter hugely when it comes to all things measuring.  Over the Rainbow Yarn.

Speaking of ‘on the Riggin,’ we have space left on both of our knitting cruises.  You should come!  We’d love to have you.  Do both even; it’s too hard to choose!  The dates are June 6 to 10 and/or June 23 to 25.  Book now and receive a 15% discount!  Click here for more details on either Maine Knitting Cruise.