Make Memories – Enjoy Experiences

In the end, is it stuff or experiences that create a sense of fun, satisfaction, or contentment?  When I read this article about Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things, it caused me to ponder for a minute some of the choices we’ve made as a family and why. While I will admit, a new car or pair of jeans is fun for a while, the lasting moments in my life come from time spent with friends and family, learning something new, or exploring a new place.

We live in a small house and while there are times when I’m riffling through a magazine, that I covet large living areas, personal crafting studios, and spacious kitchens, in the end I’d rather live in a small space and have fewer things so that I can ride horses or travel.  I’d rather learn something new than have something new.  I’d rather buy time rather than buy things.

making memories through adventure travel
Photo by Ben Krebs

And that’s good news, if we liked buying things our little house would be busting at the seams.  As it is, we still find ourselves needing to be intentional about anything new that comes in to our house.  As if when one thing comes in, another thing must go out.

Even more so when we are sailing on the Riggin for the summer.  If we think our house is small, our cabin is a fraction of that size.  And as it turns out, we find that all four of us can live for 4 days or a week out of one or two tote bags without any feeling of deprivation or lack.

All this to say that I’m not sure our stuff defines us, but I am sure our experiences do.  There is some serious satisfaction that comes from knowing that we provide an experience for our guests that they can carry with them forever.  You make it what it needs to be for you, but we provide the opportunity.

So create experiences for yourself and your family.  We’ve got the perfect idea for you – on the Riggin.  And, just saying, tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of our Early Booking Special.

Come make some memories with us!

Canning and Preserving @ Ten Apple Farm

The days slip, quickly.  It’s hard to believe that it was over a week ago now that I took a canning and preserving class at Ten Apple Farm in Yarmouth.  Margaret, co-owner of the farm and author of The Year of the Goat, and Alison, Master Canner extraordinaire,  couldn’t have been better hosts.  I’ve been canning for some time now, but as is true of many things, there’s always more to learn.

My real reason for taking the class was to spend more time with Margaret, to see her goats and cheese and spend an afternoon talking about food.  Heaven for me.

We made Orange Marmalade with Pomona’s Pectin powder which, other than making batches of fresh jam on the boat, is my second favorite method of thickening a jam or jelly.  It makes a better jam or jelly becasue it doesn’t require the sugar to be boiled to a certain temperature to thicken the jam which allows for bright color and flavor and doesn’t leave a cooked sugar or caramelized taste to a jam which then masks the flavor of the fruit.

As I was leaving to spend my day with canning and goats, Jon watched me pull out of the driveway with trepidation fearing that a visit to a goat farm would quickly result in me acquiring goats.  When I arrived home, he greeted me warily, again expecting “lets get goats!” to come from my mouth.  While I won’t deny it has appeal, even I can say it will have to wait for a better time.

Here are a few photos taken with my cell phone.  Not perfect.  Far from it, but still fun.

Love, love, loved Alison’s homemade apron.

Alison pouring hot rinds, juice and pulp into the pan after measuring with that gorgeous measuring cup.

Margaret filling the jars.

Thank you ladies!  It was fun!

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