Upcycling – Fingerless Mittens

It’s getting a little late in the season for fingerless mittens, but to round out the post that already ran about Chloe’s sweater, I thought I’d close the loop.  The previous post was about upcycling a felted sweater.  I cut the sleeves into three-quarter length and then had about 5 inches of cuff and lower sleeve to turn into fingerless mittens.

I cut a hole where I wanted the thumb to go and used a button to cinch in the wrist.  The design is needle felted by taking strands of wool, twisting them a little and then poking a barbed needle into it what seems like one million times.  It works best if you have something underneath such as a thick sponge.  Chloe discovered that a curry brush for a horse works well too.

Just to explain the photo a little, one hand is facing up, the other down so that you can see both sides.

With lots more ideas for those wool sweaters hanging out in the barn.

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