It’s Almost Sailing Time!

The sun is out, the wind is up, the days are long, and it’s time to go sailing.  With less than a week before we board, our army of workers is steadily and happily working towards getting out there on the bay.  Orders of food are arriving daily and the garden is nearly completely planted for the season with protective hoops and plastic for the basil, tomatoes and peppers.  This can be a very hectic time of year.  I am trying to write all of my columns and blog posts for the summer before we leave the dock in addition to organizing the end of the girls’ school year.  With all of this going on, we have to remind ourselves to take deep breaths of warm air, to lift our un-scarved faces to the sun, and to take our lunch in the grass or on the deck.

Soon the view out of my “office” will be granite-studded islands and wide expanses of water.  We are all so looking forward to being out there…. You should come too!

June – long, gorgeous days of summer










March Forth into Outfitting our Maine Windjammer

From now until May 24th, we pick up speed until that day comes when we need to put our tools down and raise the sails for our first of many summer days out on Penobscot Bay sailing our Maine Windjammer.

Ian, our senior crew member this year, started right in on Monday sanding and painting blocks.  When the skies aren’t full of snow, he’s outside chopping and stacking wood for my hungry wood stove.  Thank you, Ian, and welcome back!

hanging blocks

chopping wood for the stove

From now until we sail, our hugs will look like this…

outfitting a maine windjammer

It begins slowly, but before we know it we are zipping right along!