A Schooner Halloween

Who better to be Rapunzel than a blonde-headed schooner girl with some extra manilla line just hanging around in the barn?  Rapunzel’s hair turned out to be quite a project and at the end we were ALL glad that our hair is as short as it is!

First we unlay the line all the way down the driveway and then as it began to rain, we transferred the operation in doors.  The braid ran the length of the house and then we needed to begin coiling to save on space.

My character, Rapunzel, was one of many on our school’s All Hallow’s Eve Walk through the woods.  I spent a relaxing two hours up in a tree raising and lowering my braid and doing a good job of not falling!  As any schooner girl who’s spent any time aloft should do.

Braiding the strands of manilla.

Ella and friend waiting for the braiding to be done.

Attaching it actually hurt a bit so I used the line like a head band and then attached it to my own braid with a scarf.

Super loooong.